I’m excitable. Super excitable. I get mesmerised by miniatures, and fall in love a million times in a week. Some days it feels like everything is so magical-mysterious and perfectly put together that I could just explode. The last thing I got super-excited about was inside one of those Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque specialty lolly shops. Dude, they have tiny Lego lollies there. You can build with them! Or eat them! Or both!

It is easy to get excited in a time when six million tiny luxuries make up our every day. Why wait for big things before you get excited? Get butterflies every day!

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Author Jolene Stockman is an award winning writer, speaker, and an expert for Girlfriend Magazine Australia. Jolene writes young adult books that make you want to jump in, take over the world, and eat your red jelly beans first!