Can you see your toes in the shower? I can. But I couldn’t always. About ten years ago I had laser surgery on my eyes. And while short-sightedness didn’t seem like a big deal, it wasn’t until I was given 20/20 vision, that I understood. You don’t miss what you haven’t had.

When they took off my bandages and I realised I could see across the room perfectly without my glasses, I wanted to cry so much. (I didn’t, because I had just had the procedure, and didn’t know if I was allowed to cry!) I am spoiled – I’ve always been able to see. But suddenly, to be able to see without glasses? It felt like levelling up. It felt like a miracle.

I am so grateful for my eyes – and for the technology that zapped them clear. And I am so excited for the technology getting better and better. Did you know there are glasses for colour blindness now? Awesome!