The 10th word of the book I’m currently reading is “light-hearted.” A Google image search brings a heap of hearts and smiley-family-types, but the images that jump out at me are the lightbulbs. I love lightbulbs. I love them as metaphors for ideas or inspiration. My first company logo (let’s not count companies that trade in ice cream or love!) was a green lightbulb with a star inside it (for Limelight Productions).

So let’s take it a little further – the idea of being inspired by your heart. Following your feelings and letting passion light your way.  (Hey, your brain can reason out all the if’s and maybe’s, but sometimes it doesn’t matter what your brain says, because your heart can keep you up at night. Let your heart inspire your brain to find a way!)

Words are awesome! And word combinations are even better!

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Author Jolene Stockman is an award winning writer, speaker, and an expert for Girlfriend Magazine Australia. Jolene writes young adult books that make you want to jump in, take over the world, and eat your red jelly beans first!