What Drives You

//What Drives You

I’m a writer – as my profession, as a necessity, and as a way to get out all the awesome (hehe :)) Professionally, I don’t procrastinate. I am fast and on-to-it. I like to jump in, bang the keyboard, and beat the deadline. But as an artist? I don’t have the same drive – I have a need to write, but not to finish. What this means is I have a zillion (yep) half-started, partially-outlined-loglined-taglined scraps and starts and middles of writing. My plan is to carve out some time and have like, a year of finishing. Just knocking everything out, one by one.

Originally, the plan was 2015. But the way the year is looking, I may have to make it 2016 ;P


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Author Jolene Stockman is an award winning writer, speaker, and an expert for Girlfriend Magazine Australia. Jolene writes young adult books that make you want to jump in, take over the world, and eat your red jelly beans first!