"Kia ora, I'm Jolene..."

Since sharing my diagnosis in a TEDx Talk, I’ve presented all over the world from NZ to NY. And you know what I’ve learned?

Everything we’ve been told about autism is wrong.

  • Forget yippy-skippy toxic positivity.
  • Smash the deficit-based diagnosis.
  • It’s time for Autistic Joy. Power. Domination!

This is how I went from burned-out neurotypical to empowered autistic, changing the way the world sees autism!

Are you Autistic?

Autistic World Domination

Do you love or work with Autistics?
Neuro Navigators

Acknowledging the ancestors and advocates who have come before us, who walk alongside us, and who make this world possible.

"But Jolene, you don’t look autistic…”

Nope. And when I was first diagnosed? I hated the word. Autism. It was like being branded with everything I hated about myself: weird, different, broken.

Before the TEDx Talk.
Before the books.
Before the a-ha.

I was angry. Sad. Actually? I was pretty gutted by my diagnosis. How could I be autistic? I could talk and work. I was married, I had a degree. Wasn’t I just weird? Weak? Over-sensitive? Autism is a disorder. And I’m fine. I just need to try harder, I just need to fit in.

And then I learned more, I read more, I shared my diagnosis and I realised: There is a reason I always felt different. It’s because I am different.

Autism. Not a deficit. Not a diagnosis. A way of being.

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You are exactly who and how you are supposed to be. It’s the world that will change.

So, are you ready?

Gaylene Findlay - Advisory Principal
Gaylene Findlay - Advisory PrincipalBDO New Zealand
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“Jolene delivers fast-paced presentations filled with action steps and 'lightbulb' moments! Her refreshing perspective will change the way you live and work. We love her energy and passion!” 
Eve Kawana-Brown - Business Development Manager
Eve Kawana-Brown - Business Development ManagerVenture Taranaki
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“Jolene kept the energy high and wow’d the audience with an emotional and thought-provoking presentation. Her exceptional content and stunning delivery knocked our socks off!”
O. Williams - Founder
O. Williams - FounderOW Media
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“A speaker that thrills the audience, Jolene immerses everyone into the Universe created by her story. You will laugh, cry, feel exhausted and uplifted. You will never be the same.”
Corporate Client
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“Jolene’s time, energy and knowledge left us buzzing, and the feedback from staff following the talk was outstanding! It has been such a pleasure working with Jolene.”

Jolene Stockman is an ultra-enthusiastic, multi-award winning author and TEDx speaker from Aotearoa, New Zealand. As tangata whaitakiwātanga (an autistic person), Jolene is excited to educate and inspire corporates, communities, global giants, and not-for-profits with powerful books, presentations, and resources.

Jolene likes fizzy drinks, tiny toys, shiny things, and spicy wedges with everything (cheese, bacon, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, and parsley because, you know, greens.)

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