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Are you sure you have the right name? How do you know?

I’ve never felt like my first name is mine. As a kid I wrote stories using different names to try and find the one that “felt right.” (It didn’t happen, but seemed like a good strategy.) I still wonder if one day I’ll hear a name and get that resounding sense of self that I imagine people with the “right name” feel. Of course, it could be that the song I’m named after features a woman so beautiful that it had to be a joke that I was named after her.

Then of course there are: The joys of being named after a song.

  • Number one: People sing it to you when they meet you.
  • Number two: You can never destory all copies of said song. No matter how hard you try.
    (Especially when it keeps. Getting. Covered.)
  • Number three: Growing up and understanding that the lyrics don’t just refer to a stunningly beautiful woman, but one that (potentially) steals people’s boyfriends. Awesome.
  • Number four: Learning more about Dolly Parton. Incedible talent, work ethic, sense of humour, and business sense. I’m super-cool with that. (But still on the lookout for a new name.)


Now, I’m going to block my ears, but you can enjoy this cover of “Jolene” by Dolly Parton’s goddaughter Miley Cyrus:

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