2012 Fireworks!

Thank you all for making 2012 such an amazing year 🙂

Thank you to the beta-readers (Sian Young, Alyssa Young, and Jane Linsdell) for their support and enthusiasm (plus plus plus!), agent Jessica Regel for her persistence – and the emails that always give me goose bumps, Vladimir Nikulin and Vera Simon for gorgeousness inside and out (you’ll see their work more and more!)…

Photo by Vlad & Vera

…the magical Claudia McKinney from PhatPuppy for taking gorgeous to the next level, the tour hosts, sponsors, and management team for the launch of The Jelly Bean Crisis (particularly Charlotte Russell and Susie Barber for their incredible support)…

A tour prize winner

…thank you to the reviewing teams at LitPick and Readers Favorite, the dedicated (and super scary!) Goodreads community, the organizers and participants of the Book Blast, the librarians, the tweeters, the Likers, the Frienders and the bloggers, and all of the readers and reviewers, who not only read my books, but also took the time to share their thoughts with the world (and sometimes just with me :)). Thank you all so, so much!

So, what’s next? It’s definitely the perfect time of year to start thinking big and going for those red jelly beans! And while my plan is to disappear into new drafts and edits for a while, there has already been a suspiciously exciting email that might change that…! My advice? Make the big, delicious plans – and then be completely open for even bigger ones to jump out!

“The universe will give you so much more than anything you can dream of!” 
Total Blueprint for World Domination

Art by Niobe Carter
Bring it on, 2013!

Everything is possible!

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