A Writer Writes

There’s nothing like a good quote to spark up your head or your heart. And movie quotes? They just bring it to a whole other level. Because along with the delicious script itself, you get to soak up the emotion and expression of the actor. You get all the build-up and background, the special effects, the production design – the entire film comes together to give the words a specific texture and colour, distinct and burned in your brain.

Picking a favourite movie quote would be like picking a favourite ice cream – when an orange chocolate chip day is so completely different to a cookies and cream day. So what I’ll do, is tell you the movie quote I haunt myself with the most often. “A writer writes.” It’s writing advice from Professor Larry in “Throw Momma From the Train” (1987 – and I am soooo watching that again asap!).

There’s the muse-inspired middle-of-the-night writing, the kind that flows easily and pulls you to it, and then there’s the hitting-your-head-againt-the-keyboard writing, that struggles to lie flat. But both kinds of writing are part of the process. And when you feel like moving on or giving up, or when you wonder why you just can’t stop yourself, just know: a writer writes.


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