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I’m Jolene 🙂 I’m a writer, I’m married with two kids, I have a degree and a job. I’m also tangata whaitakiwātanga, autistic.

I was always autistic, I just didn’t know until I was an adult. My diagnosis came way too late to change the direction of my life, but perfectly timed to change the way I saw it.

I went public with my diagnosis with a TEDx Talk. The talk was my “coming out,” a way to avoid having a million awkward one-on-one conversations. It was supposed to be an ending, but it became a beginning – the opportunity to tell my story, and to connect with the autistic community. And now? I’m excited to share what I know.

Autistics are everywhere. We are in all industries, all countries, across genders, and ages. You are one of many. You are not wrong or broken. A diagnosis is not a prediction. It does not change who you are. It just lights up tools and strategies to thrive. You are exactly who you are supposed to be. Even when it doesn’t feel like it – maybe even especially then.

Actually? You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live in the perfect world for you. It starts now, with the way you see autism, and the way you see yourself.

It’s time for autistic world domination!

Jolene Stockman

We’re 1 in 30.

Estimates put the autistic population at 1 in 30, but that is still low. Like me, an entire generation of autistics are diagnosed later in life – and working to understand what the diagnosis means for us.

We grow up.

Autism is still seen as a childhood issue. The focus is still on support and education for children. Parents get told we’ll grow out of it. But we don’t grow out of autism. We grow into it

We kick ass.

Einstein. Mozart. Tesla. Some of the greatest minds on planet earth were suspected autistics. We are known for our bold thinking and unorthodox style. But before we can access our gifts, we need to trust ourselves.

From Jolene

“People love telling autistics what we can’t do. Our limitations and weaknesses. How we are disordered, how we are deficient. There are entire industries working to fix us, people paid to train us, research us, to find subtle (and not so subtle) ways to yeet us from the planet. It is everywhere and it is boring. Being autistic often means being painfully aware of the ways we don’t fit. And guess what? We don’t need another book to remind us of our limitations – the whole world does that. Many of us exist under huge physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Many of us are underemployed, financially disadvantaged, adrift from family, lonely and demoralized after years of fighting systems, people, and places that are not designed for us. There is staggering privilege that comes with being born into a welcoming world, and if that’s you? Sit down. I’m here to support autistics to get what we truly need: respect, fierce optimism, and practical strategies that light the way.”

Reprinted with permission from the publisher from Jolene Stockman, Autistic World Domination, 2023, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


“The word domination oozes power and control. However, the word actually comes from the Latin dominus meaning master of a household. So, we’re not here to boot out the neurotypicals, colonize the system, or gobble up the resources for ourselves (although finding some middle ground would be ideal).

We’re here to master ourselves, our spaces, and to make the world our home. And maybe for me that means cutting back on social interactions and shopping online. And maybe for you it means putting yourself out there and building independence. But for all of us it means letting go of trying to be like anyone else, trying to exist for or as anyone else.

We belong in this world, and we deserve joy, peace, and success – however that looks for us.”

Reprinted with permission from the publisher from Jolene Stockman, Autistic World Domination, 2023, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Jolene Stockman is an ultra-enthusiastic, multi-award winning author and TEDx speaker from Aotearoa, New Zealand. As tangata whaitakiwātanga (an autistic person), Jolene is excited to educate and inspire corporates, communities, global giants, and not-for-profits with powerful books, presentations, and resources. Jolene likes fizzy drinks, tiny toys, shiny things, and spicy wedges with everything (cheese, bacon, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, and parsley because, you know, greens.)
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