Ultra-enthusiastic TEDx speaker and multi-award winning writer, Jolene Stockman is the author of four books for young adults, winner of media, education, and business awards, and one of the youngest in the world to achieve the Distinguished Toastmaster Leadership Award. She is also tangata whaitakiwātanga; an autistic person.

Since her adult diagnosis, she has gone public with her experience – its challenges and superpowers, speaking at the sold-out 2019 Asia Pacific Autism Conference in Singapore and featuring in international media. In 2019, Jolene started using digital art to express and navigate the neurotypical world and her work was featured in a 2019 exhibition in New Zealand, and at the 2nd European Autism Congress 2020 in Budapest. As a working, married, Autistic with two children and a degree, Jolene inspires and surprises listeners with how she sees the world, and the future of Autism.