All I can eat

Some people hoard photos of pets they have loved. Me, I hoard photos of wedges I have eaten. I love wedges. I can (and have) eaten them every day for long periods. I have eaten them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They are beautifully contrasting with smooth and crispy, hot and cool, sweet and sour. And the basic elements of wedges can be blended and mixed a heap of different ways and still surprise (are the wedges plain? Spicy? Battered? Is the sour cream spooned? Piped? Cold? Melty? etc.)

Wedges named after me would go like this:

– Hot Bandito wedges.
– Crispy chopped bacon.
– Grated cheese. And lots of it.
– Piped sour cream. And tonnes of it.
– A pinch of parsley. This is the green. You’re welcome.
– Two little bowls on the side: sweet chilli and salsa.
– Coke to dissolve it.

DSCF6440 wedges DSCF6294 wedges


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