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Ashleigh Fechney

Autistic World Domination: Law and Justice

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Autistic Joys
Autistic Strengths
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About me:

I’m “Ashleigh the Advocate” an employment law advocate, who takes a special interest in neurodiversity and disability matters. I aim to show, through my representation, that those of us with disabilities are ‘different’, but that ‘different’ doesn’t mean ‘less’: in my case, I believe my disability is my ability, and my clients choose me because of this uniqueness. Like many who live with disabilities, I’ve been required to carve a path for myself, and it is this perseverance which has created a fearless advocate, who isn’t afraid to stand in front of the judges of the High Court and Employment Court to request specific accommodations for my disabilities. In my view, as your advocate, I am to empower you through this process, and we take on these challenges together with your needs at the centre of all decision making.

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