Rantings, ravings, world domination. Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Squeeze out every sparkle

I wanted to write a quick FB post thanking (some of!) the women in my life for International Women’s Day. Then it got longer and longer. And longer. And hatched into a blog post. So I'm here! (Probably a sign I should blog more :)) *** Business Life: Shout out to the incredible, strong, smart, funny, powerful women in my life. You guys are so much more than friends (and mentors and [...]

Wip It Good

November 1. For me, this month isn't about one particular WIP (Work In Progress). I'm using it as an opportunity to take stock, catch up, and get clear on what's next. I have -literally- a cupoard full of scraps and drafts and half-scenes waiting on me. It has begun 🙂

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Come for the Giggles, Stay for the Ists.

Here's the story: A Nobel Prize winning scientist commented that "Three things happen when they [women] are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry.” Now, I don't want to sound like a woman in a lab, but I am so in love with the Twitter response from scientists. Scientists are posting their grittiest, grottiest work pics, along [...]

All The Things.

What do you want? Oh sure, you want love, health, money, jelly tip chocolate. All The Things. But what is it that you want deep down, waaay under the infinity pool and the USB heated slippers? Dig around. There's a feeling down there somewhere. Maybe it's joy. Control. Peace. Picture yourself exactly where you want to be; loving the life, doing the job, living the dream. Now consider the feeling underneath it. [...]

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The Point

Okay, so I'm at the end. Two months into the one month challenge (ha). For me, it's been good to have some structure around blogging. I still struggle with the point. Time is precious, and writing time is super precious. But there's something that's just as important as desire: making it happen. If you don't prioritise what you really want, life gets filled with other people's plans. The challenge was a  to [...]

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Hope on Ice

It was a bad day. The kind of bad that you order ice cream at the Drive Thru. For lunch. And then you can't taste it anyway, because your brain is all choppy and churny from the badness of the day (and dude, it's only lunchtime).  Then, for no reason that we knew of, the person in front of us paid for our order. Just like that. A random act of kindness [...]

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Travelling Light

Pieces of me travel through my books. I realised this the first time I saw a foreign language review. The reader was from Istanbul in Turkey and she even loved the book (thank you, Goggle translate!). It is absolutely a gift and a responsibility to send your words out into the world - and we all have this power, whether it's writing a whole book or a Facebook post. When you put [...]

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World Resignation

The end of the world is a juicy concept. It conjures up bucket lists, last meals, and final conversations. The best part about contemplating an apocolypse is that it brings perspective. Clarity. Big time. It's a great way to gauge your place in the world. Are you happy? Kicking ass? Making plans? If you can consider it effectively enough you can save yourself a whole lot of time and regret. Ask yourself [...]

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I feel the need

Speed isn't exactly a character trait, but it permeates so much of me that I'm going to stretch the rules on this one. It's not that I don't appreciate things that are calm, measured, and methodical. If anything I'm in awe of the ability to relax and let go. It's just not who I am (at the moment!). I'm at the how-much-can-I-be-part-of-get-done-and-get-excited-about-at-once stage of my life. I'm learning to slow down and [...]

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The 10th word of the book I'm currently reading is "light-hearted." A Google image search brings a heap of hearts and smiley-family-types, but the images that jump out at me are the lightbulbs. I love lightbulbs. I love them as metaphors for ideas or inspiration. My first company logo (let's not count companies that trade in ice cream or love!) was a green lightbulb with a star inside it (for Limelight Productions). [...]

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Can you see your toes in the shower? I can. But I couldn't always. About ten years ago I had laser surgery on my eyes. And while short-sightedness didn't seem like a big deal, it wasn't until I was given 20/20 vision, that I understood. You don't miss what you haven't had. When they took off my bandages and I realised I could see across the room perfectly without my glasses, I [...]

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Six Word Fortune

When it comes to plans and goals I like to have lots of levels and layers. So for my "six words that describe my future" I'm going to throw a couple out of 'em there, the first one is: "And they lived happily ever after." Because that's just true. The second one is for the part of me that likes to think big and aim high: "Bubbly billionaire black belted Oscar winner." [...]

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I'm excitable. Super excitable. I get mesmerised by miniatures, and fall in love a million times in a week. Some days it feels like everything is so magical-mysterious and perfectly put together that I could just explode. The last thing I got super-excited about was inside one of those Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque specialty lolly shops. Dude, they have tiny Lego lollies there. You can build with them! Or eat them! [...]

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6M Lux

What luxury can I not live without? All six million of them. I love running water, glitter glue, chocolate, electricity, the Internet . . . We are so lucky that history's "luxuries" are our "everydays." If I had to pick one though, it would be ball point pens. It is such a luxury to be able to write anywhere, anytime. I love that pens are easy to find or borrow or buy. [...]

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What Drives You

I'm a writer - as my profession, as a necessity, and as a way to get out all the awesome (hehe :)) Professionally, I don't procrastinate. I am fast and on-to-it. I like to jump in, bang the keyboard, and beat the deadline. But as an artist? I don't have the same drive - I have a need to write, but not to finish. What this means is I have a zillion [...]

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Enter the Sloth

I've only seen this a few times, because it makes me cry every time. It's about three minutes in, Ellen's just joking with Kristen - but her reaction is so many emotions at once that it just kills me. We should all have something in our lives like this; something that even just the thought of fills us with overwhelming, Oprah-cry-inducing joy. You know, like kindness, connection, ice cream, a sloth . [...]

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All I can eat

Some people hoard photos of pets they have loved. Me, I hoard photos of wedges I have eaten. I love wedges. I can (and have) eaten them every day for long periods. I have eaten them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They are beautifully contrasting with smooth and crispy, hot and cool, sweet and sour. And the basic elements of wedges can be blended and mixed a heap of different ways [...]

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All you can eat

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of my favourite places in the world. I've been twice (once for two whole weeks :)), and can't wait to go again. For me, Las Vegas is a beautiful, peaceful, world within a world. It's awesomely exaggerated, and impressively intricate. Plus, there is So. Much. Evil. Food. Deep Fried Twinkie. And Oreos. Oh yes.

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Hair’s a secret

Something most people don't know about me is that I had a skin condition as a kid and was told I'd lose all my hair. I didn't, but it certainly made cutting it short and making it blue less of a drama. (And always puts bad hair days in perspective.)

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