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Oh Why A-Z?

Looking for a way to kick-start your blogging? The A-Z challenge: Lights a fire. Nothing like a daily deadline to

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Zip It & Zoom!

There comes a time when you just have to zip it and zoom!   Zip your “I wish I could”s

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Yorky = Cuddles or Coat?

Whether you cuddle them, play with them, or wear them as a coat – there’s no denying it:Puppies make you

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X-Men Family Tree

I recently found this handy-dandy X-Men family tree. Yeah. Probably not as handy as it is dandy… But I bet

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World Domination

I believe there’s a perfect world for everyone. That we can define exactly what we want, and we can make

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Vader vs VW

As kids we know that everything is possible… And as grown ups we can find out it’s true 🙂 Hang

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Uruti School

In Uruti, there’s a little school with big dreams. The eight-student-strong New Zealand school has created a ukulele song that

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Toastmasters Are you looking for ways to build your platform? You’re writing, blogging, twittering… have you thought about speaking? Toastmasters

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South Paw

Even though it comes with smudgy pen marks, useless scissors and an early death (statistically speaking :)) I love being

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Robert Rodriguez

Film maker Robert Rodriguez writes, shoots, cuts, and scores. His movies are blunt-smart, kick ass, and have an undeniable rhythm.

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