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The edge of everything

Ohhh, guys I had such a beautiful meeting. The kind where we all got teary and goosebumpy. The kind where we

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11 + 11 + 11 + 11 + 11

Okay guys, so I got tagged 5 times… That’s 55 questions. The plan? 55 Pictures! (Well, there were some questions

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Let’s have wedges!

Hi! Welcome Campaigners, Wanderers, Readers – I’m so happy that you’re here 🙂 I’m Jolene and I like fizzy drinks,

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The Lighting Of A Fire

As a child, teachers are grown-ups that love you by choice, not birth. They help you find your way in

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Sharing the love :)

It’s a super-cool feeling when someone follows your blog 🙂 Knowing that you are part of a community can make

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Facebook Day

Like! The feel-good click 🙂 I did it! I started a Facebook page for my book! For some reason Facebook

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Building an Army

Every plot for world domination needs an army! Whether it’s your agent, your readers, or friends and family – building

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