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Lockdown is Life

Disclaimer: Staying home saves lives. Do what you need to do to get through this: for some people that will

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Have you seen it? In the shops, in the streets, on the screens? Everything is so. Bloody. Shiny. Don’t get

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The After.

I’m coming out of the haze. I’m sleeping hard and often, I’m sick. I’m scared and I’m proud. That. Actually.

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Brave is the New Black

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Sign Me Up

This is it. 2012. Start now. Kick off your dream world. Make BIG plans (in 12 months you’ll be glad

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World Changing Books

A massive thank you to Erika at Moonlight Book Reviews. Erika juggles passions, commitments, and challenges with a smile 🙂

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We do things everyday that people used to think were impossible.  Today’s crazy is tomorrow’s normal. Be crazy – change

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