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Writing Supplies

Okay, so I’ve disappeared into the Book Cave again 🙂 I’m editing the sequel to Total Blueprint for World Domination (Unlock

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2012 Fireworks!

Thank you all for making 2012 such an amazing year 🙂 Thank you to the beta-readers (Sian Young, Alyssa Young,

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Free books!

There is a place where you can get free books right now. Paperback, hardcover, actual hold-in-your-hands books! (Along with ebooks,

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Along Came a Spider

I’m scared of whales. Their tiny eyes, their flappy tales. It’s the size, the sound, the whole shabang. That’s right:

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The Total Blueprint for World Domination paperback is now available! Soooo exciting 🙂 If you’d like to win your own

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Super You

I am completely in love with the gorgeous art of Danny Haas 🙂 The idea of everyone having a super-self is

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