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Fluffy yellow duck considering coming out of a surreal purple and pink rocky cave.

The Tell-Tale Heart

“What do you look like under stress?” I’ve never been asked that in an interview, so it threw me. What

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worn white painted star on wood surface

Ānei angiau

I haven’t left the house for a couple of weeks (as in, no outside requirements, not sick or anything). It’s

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Lockdown is Life

Disclaimer: Staying home saves lives. Do what you need to do to get through this: for some people that will

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The Other Side

You say yes; then you figure it out. Because when you know, just know, that you’re making a difference, it

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Autistic girls in the wild

The autistic female. If she makes eye contact, connects socially, and -shock horror- smiles; how do you spot her? When I

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Catch fire

Here’s the thing about being sick, shutdown, out of action, or otherwise forcibly paused; it sets you on fire. On fire

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