Free books!

There is a place where you can get free books right now. Paperback, hardcover, actual hold-in-your-hands books! (Along with ebooks, audio books, DVDs, CDs, great advice, and snuggly corners!)

A giant brain on the doors? LOVE!

Free books! As many as you can hold, as any as you can read. Libraries change lives. I know it.

As a kid I was sure that if I could just live at the library, my life would be perfect. I could work my way through the shelves, learn everything about everything, read every single book, and live a thousand lives.

Even though I don’t live at the library (yet!), I still love staggering home with a stack of books, or curling up in a secret corner that I’m sure no one knows about but me.

A library is a place you can find the world – but better than that, it’s a place you can find yourself.

So of all the awesomeness that comes with my books existing in the real world, for me, knowing that they are in libraries is THE BEST.

Why, fancy seeing you here!
That my spine might jump out at a reader? That my book could be in someone’s pile of library jewels? That my words could make a difference to someone I’ll never meet? Pfooooar! I can’t tell you how much pride and awe I feel that my books live in libraries.
The Jelly Bean Crisis will be heading for libraries before Christmas, and I just visited Total Blueprint for World Domination at the Garden Place Library in Hamilton. SO COOL!Free books! As many as you can hold, as many as you can read – new books, classics, banned books, secret finds, – and now mine!


Everything is possible!

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