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“Being a writer is a dream. It’s a top-of-the-bucket list, thing-to-do-before-I-die, can’t-believe-I-get-to-see-it-on-a-bookshelf dream. You are doing something that people aspire to. Even when the blank page is taunting you. Even when the twenty-third rejection rolls in. Even when you’re squishing rewrites in with a million other things. You are part of something amazing. Feel that with all your heart. Know that it’s true no matter what. You are a writer.”

…That’s me, guest posting over at My First Book. It’s my first guest posting experience, and has been super cool (and a total privilege!) Check it out, and say hi to Misha!

Everything is possible!

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  1. Went over and checked out your guest post. Issues I’m struggling to work out myself so a very timely post for me and many others it seems. As you say “Once your work is published, it belongs to the world.” That’s the great part and the scary part all in one. Totally worth it though.

  2. Whoa. Thank you so much. You totally made me cry (in the good way :)) You know, while I love that you give me credit for that feeling *go go gratitude journal* – I think that my words just mirrored what you already had inside you :):):)

    PS I’m heading over to your blog, because I want to follow along as your dreams come true 🙂

  3. Hi Jolene! What an incredible interview! I loved when you said, “Your book is a fingerprint on the world.” I found myself shouting your words in my head as I read them, like people subconsciously stand up in their seats and yell and pump their fist in the air at some event that rouses them.

    In fact right this minute, I am gazing at the sunset in front of my house. And after I read your inspiring, positive-thinking, wise words, I stared at the sunset and thought about what you said and had the marvelous feeling inside me that I really will succeed at this writing dream. Thank you for blessing me with your fantastic personality and wonderful insight! And your book sounds incredible – I am so impressed by you!

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