Helvarial Shenanigans

Think you know your Arial from your Helvetica?
Twenty Helvetica company logos redone in Arial… can you tell the difference?

Obvious? Ridiculous? Take the quiz!

(I got 15/20 :))

Keep kicking ass!

5 Responses

  1. Checking out the list of Crusaders and since you have your eye on world domination, I thought I’d better pop on over. Only so many of us really can you know, and I plan on being one of them… (lol)

  2. Hi Angela, I reckon 9/20’s pretty great! I put my score down to a bit of luck and a lot of consumerism (you can’t look at Post-it notes as much as I do and not know the brand font at 50 paces!)

    Yay for the Crusade!

  3. How in the heck can ya tell? Boy, I sucked at that quiz. Either Helvetica is the more bold or its the skinny one. I kept going back and forth and low n behold 9/20. I was awful. Fun quiz though.

    Welcome to the cursade. Nice to meet you.

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