Hope on Ice

It was a bad day. The kind of bad that you order ice cream at the Drive Thru. For lunch. And then you can’t taste it anyway, because your brain is all choppy and churny from the badness of the day (and dude, it’s only lunchtime).  Then, for no reason that we knew of, the person in front of us paid for our order. Just like that. A random act of kindness on a day we were sure the world was crap.

It wasn’t the ice cream itself, or not having to pay for it; it was the idea that a stranger could be so full of joy and kindness. It was a small thing, but it let us know that there was light in the world, even when we couldn’t feel it. It was hope.

We paid for the person in the queue behind us, and I hope the ripples touched them too. (Or at least that their ice cream had extra cookies!)

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