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Neuro Navigator:


a person who may not have a neurodivergent brain, but loves and empowers someone who does.

See also: Unconditional love.

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Want to change the world for your neurodivergent loved ones? This is a quick start guide for allies.

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"The essential neurodiversity-affirming guide to supporting your Autistic loved ones and helping them thrive. This encouraging, strengths-based book is a must-read that will empower you and the Autistics in your life."

Lilly Callahan
Autistic creator of The Autism Books by Autistic Authors Project.

This book is:
A Quick-Start Guide
Packed with tips and advice: from creating safe spaces and supporting self-care, to changing your own perspective, and advocating for them with others.
The next step on your journey
So, welcome! It's time to discover ways to help neurodivergents navigate the current world, and work together to build a brighter one that supports us all.
Being autistic is full-on

And being in the life of an autistic?
This can be epic, world-changing love.

This book is for parents, friends, and carers working with autistics. Learn how the world looks to autistic individuals and how you can best provide support.

“Buy in bulk and hand out to everyone.”

“This is the kind of book I wish I could buy in bulk and hand out to everyone in my child’s life so they might understand her better and help make the world easier for her to navigate.”

Shayla B.

Parent of an autistic

“Easy to read and process!”

“I loved the intersectional view of Autism and Indigeneity, and the way the author connected concepts and viewpoints back to her Māori roots was really beautiful to me. I found the book easy to read and read it over the span of an afternoon and evening, and I loved the formatting of breaking out new concept in bubbles and tangible steps into bullet points – it was very easy to process!”

Cal H.

Early reviewer

“Optimistic and encouraging.”

“The optimistic and encouraging tone really worked for me and I loved the focus on keeping an open mind and being accepting.”

Lola V.

Early reviewer

Do you love or work with autistics?

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