Feel Better About Your Diagnosis Today.

How can I be autistic?
“Autism is a disorder…”
“Autism is a disability…”

When I was diagnosed autistic as an adult, I struggled to accept it. (I talk, I work, I’m fine.)

It took me waaaay too long to accept my diagnosis, and even longer to feel good about autism.

Like me, an entire generation of autistics are discovering their neurodivergence as adults, either because:
– We burn out after years of working to fit in, or
– Lightbulbs go off when our own children are diagnosed.

You may not have a formal diagnosis; you may not have the words right now. You might feel lost, angry, and alone.

But guess what? Autism isn’t what we’ve been told. Your differences make you amazing, and you are definitely not alone.

This mini-course is everything I wish I’d known sooner.
This is Autism, redefined.

What’s inside:

A five module online course including videos, activities, and quizzes.

• MODULE #1 Understand Your Diagnosis

Diagnosis is a rollercoaster. The current world is not designed for us, but we have the power to make a difference.

• MODULE #2 Top Autism Myths (& Important Truth)

Learn the important truth that makes autism myths irrelevant. Use the Reframe Guide as a shortcut!

• MODULE #3 Unpacking Common Medical Jargon

Learn what doctors are looking for, and why they are wrong. Tap into autistic power and strength with the Definition Template.

• MODULE #4 Autistic Traits Checklist

You are more than your labels. Use the Trait Checklist to identify and describe little-known autistic traits.

• MODULE #5 Autism Redefined

Time to bring it all together! Let’s set the scene for the new world. Plus Bonus Jewels so you can build on your knowledge and stay on track

A diagnosis is not a prediction. It does not change who you are.
Skip the struggle, smash the stereotypes, nail your traits, and do it fast.
Discover what an autism diagnosis really means for you and your life.

Let's do this!


Autism Isn’t What You Think.

Not inferior, not less-than. Not bad, weird, weak, or broken. Not disordered or deficient.

Instead? A whole new way of being in the world.

Anyone who shares home space with autistics! While these resources have been written for adults, the tools and strategies are designed to apply to autistics or neurodivergents of any age. Autism is a way of being, and these tools are lifelong!
If you aren’t easing or eliminating meltdowns, or aren’t completely satisfied with the Autism-Friendly Home Formula for any reason in the first 30 days, contact me for a full refund. No questions asked.
This is not about convincing people who don’t get it, or forcing one person’s preferences on anyone else. Focus on what you can change, what you can control. Even if it’s just one room, one shelf, one small space that honours an autistic way of being – it is a start and it will make a difference.
Don’t do it! Change it back, try a different way. This is not about swapping one discomfort for another! The only reason to change anything in your home is because it works, or because it feels good.
If you think autism is a bad thing that needs to be fixed? This is not for you. If you’re expecting an abracadabra, overnight fix, this is probably not a good fit for you. Yes, with some of the tools and strategies that can happen – but this is for people with the courage to see the world differently, people who are ready to change the way they live to make their home autism-friendly.
When you finally find tools and strategies that work, you want everyone to have them! I’m so happy you want to share, and if there’s someone you know who would benefit from my work, please consider sending them to my website, or buying them resources as a gift. Creating these resources is my work, and when you pay for my books or courses, it means I can keep creating more and supporting more people!
If there is more than one autistic in a home (and awesomeness does tend to run in families!) the goal will be to meet everyone’s needs with the most win-win strategy possible.
Yay, I’m so happy you loved this! I’m always working on new books and resources, check out my website for more information. (Or get in touch if you have a special request!)


I’m not here to tell you how to feel. There’s no satisfaction in toxic positivity. I’m not going to pretend that being autistic is all yippy-skippy-superpowers. I mean, sometimes it totally is, but mostly? In this world? At this time? Being autistic is overwhelming and frustrating. It is relentless, exhausting work in a world that sees us as broken. But we can take our power back. And it starts with how we see our diagnosis.

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It is my mission to change the way the world sees autism! If you don’t come away with a fresh perspective on autism, and feeling better about your diagnosis, or if you’re not satisfied with the Autism Redefined mini course in any way, simply message within the first 30-days and I’ll refund your money.


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