Otago symposium attendees

Diagnosis for Grown Ups (Maybe)

Alarms are going off. Maybe someone says something and you brush it off. At first. Maybe you see a character that resonates, read a book that clicks. Maybe it's someone else's diagnosis. A friend. A [...]


Have you seen it? In the shops, in the streets, on the screens? Everything is so. Bloody. Shiny. Don't get me wrong - it's beautiful. Mesmerising. Twinkling. But exhausting. I've been out more than usual [...]

Autistic girls in the wild

The autistic female. If she makes eye contact, connects socially, and -shock horror- smiles; how do you spot her? When I was diagnosed, I started reading everything. Stories, studies, stats. The word 'autism' made me flinch, I [...]

Let's Keep in Touch (not literally :))