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Okay, so I’ve disappeared into the Book Cave again 🙂 I’m editing the sequel to Total Blueprint for World Domination (Unlock the (U)niverse – squeeeal!) and it is super exciting to know that it’s so close to being with you! (The plan is to launch quietly around August 2013, so beta readers, start your engines!!!)

Meanwhile, I wanted to remind you (and myself!) of a previous blog post:


You know that book you want to write? It’s inside you. I promise.
It already exists – you just have to start!

Those words will become sentences. Those sentences will become paragraphs. Then chapters.
One hundred words a day? It’s a book in a year.

You are the best person to write that book. (You totally are.) Pick a pencil. Open a document. Start!

Why not? What if?


Gather supplies, open a file, type two-fingered – whatever it takes! This is your life, your legacy, your mark on the world! Pull your undies on over your pants, and head into your Book Cave! 2013 is totally the year to make it happen!

Hamilton 3 Party Tea
Supplies 🙂

Everything is possible!

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