It took me a long time to sign up on social media. Back then, social media felt as scary as the world’s biggest party to an introvert. On top of that fear of being out and in the unknown, how would I measure it? I like to be good at things, but what does that mean on social media? There’s no A+, no Level Up, not even any real rules. Is success on social media regular posting? I’m fairly certain it’s not followers or Likers, so is it quality sharing and information? Or it is as simple as availability? I drop in and out of social media depending on deadlines, workload, and my life in general. So, for me, right now, success has been pruned back to staying somewhere in the loop, and taking opportunities (thanks Sonya!) to push.

I think about the people that I love to follow on social media, and they’re always smart, funny, and most of all, open. I follow their stories, I hang out in their worlds. I keep coming back because I feel connected to them as people. So there’s that. I like the idea that one day I’ll be more like them; brave and forthright. Downs as well as ups. More real. But how personal do you get? How raw? Can I talk about the people in my life without invading their privacy? In real life you can ask me anything, I’m introverted but not uncertain. I don’t like small talk, I like to dance around the nitty gritty. I’d like to be more like that here. But I’m a cautious writer. Words feel forever to me. And I’m still learning to be free in this space. I’ll get there. For now, I’m grateful to social media for giving readers the channels to make contact. I’m all about changing the world. And social media may still be the world’s biggest party, but now I get to hang out with a few cool folk by the window.

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