Pyjamas Optional. Wedges Compulsory.

I live in New Zealand 🙂 By day, I’m a freelance writer, creating corporate and educational materials (Soooo, I’m jumping into a heap of subjects, learning them from scratch, then translating them into kick-ass new materials. While in pyjamas??? LOVE! :)) 
By night, I write YA fiction and non-fiction (I get to motivate and inspire people with bubbling words? While they are in their pyjamas??? SUPER LOVE! :))
I’m scared of whales, fruit, roasts without gravy, and obscurity. I’m excited to meet you!

is getting an awesome response: super-cool readers, enthusiastic reviews, a Flamingnet Top Choice award, and has recently been picked up by New Zealand libraries (O.M.G. OMGOMG).

Keep kicking ass!

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