First up: Thank you so much to everyone who made The Jelly Bean Crisis blog tour so amazing 🙂 A massive thank you to the incredible reviewers and tour hosts, all of the readers, commenters, Tweeters and behind the scenes supporters – you made those six days some of the best of my life 🙂

And now… the tour prize winners!

The Strawberry Jelly Bean Necklace from Molly Brown London:
Jolene A – Bothell, Washington.

The Monster Jar with thousands of jelly beans:
Alicia E – Birmingham, Alabama.

Print copies of The Jelly Bean Crisis:
Jaime H – Sturgis, Michigan.
Denise Z – Medford, Oregon.

EBook copies of The Jelly Bean Crisis:
Nora, Natasha, Eileen, Emily, Sangita, Alison, Melissa, Jaime, Dale, Christy, Abby, Holly, Mandee, Carlla, and Alicia.

Congratulations!!!!!! Your prizes are on the way!

Tomorrow I’ll post up The Jelly Bean Crisis Blog Tour Map so you can see how much of the world jumped in for the fun 🙂

About the Author: Jolene Stockman

Jolene is an autistic writer, speaker, and parent. Since her 2018 TEDx Talk going public with her diagnosis, Jolene has been inspiring corporates, communities, and global giant IBM with her fresh and exciting perspective on autism.


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