The Paper Trail

Cover 1.3 300h x 200wEveryone wants an Oscar, right? When I was a kid, it was my ultimate goal (it’s still on the To Do list, just a little lower down :)). So, I taped together a heap of paper and wrote out everything I would need to do to get an Oscar, going backwards from “I’d like to thank…”

When I stepped back, it was beautiful: all so doable, so straightforward and right there. Suddenly, I had a plan, a timeline, a total blueprint that mapped out exactly how I could get to where I wanted to go. Obviously, plans and dreams evolve as we do, but the idea that at any given moment we can carve out a path to absolutely anything? That’s the stuff of goosebumps.

I wrote my first book as the manual I wish I’d had – a plan to make dreams come true. A total blueprint. I wanted to share what my own total blueprint taught me: that everything is possible, and everything starts now!

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