Autism Redefined – Mini Course

Forget the autism epidemic, this is an autism revolution! Change the way you see autism, and yourself.

1. Understand Your Diagnosis

First you'll discover the secrets to stop the struggle so that you can release the negative judgement and start to feel better right away. Get your mini Digital Workbook here!

2. Autism Myths & Truth

You’ll learn important truths that make the autism myths irrelevant so that you can confidently reconsider your diagnosis and what it means for you. Use the Reframe Guide as your short-cut.

3. Unpack the Jargon

You’ll uncover the real meaning behind common medical jargon. We are not broken! We are more than symptoms and far from disordered. Tap into the strength and power of autism with the Definition Template.

4. Autistic Traits

You'll probably recognise these characteristics. They are how autistics like us can remain undiagnosed until adulthood. Use the Autistic Trait Checklist to explore a new perspective.

5. A New Way to See Autism

You'll learn how to redefine your diagnosis so that you can make this new identity work for you. Feel informed and empowered! Enjoy free Bonus Jewels so that you can build on your knowledge and stay on track!

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