There it was.

A line from my blog, smiling out of a Twitter post at me. I got quoted!!!!

Here it is:

“Everything is possible. Stop talking about it. Start doing it”           ~ @JoleneStockman

People write for different reasons; to get rich, to get famous, to be able to work in their pyjamas, or just to get the shrieking voices out of their head…     I write because I want to make a difference*.

I love the idea that pieces of me are heading out into the world, bouncing around and sending out ripples… So for me, being quoted? Having someone (thank you Tony Riches!) enjoy my words enough to repeat them? Pfffoooar. That’s AMAZING. That’s a little piece of me out in the world. Yay!

So, how about you? Why do you write?

*…of course, I’m not denying the shrieking voices or the joy of a life in pyjamas… and I’m not turning down any of the other good stuff either… Making a difference is just my toe-tingliest intention!

Keep kicking ass!