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Can you see your toes in the shower? I can. But I couldn't always. About ten years ago I had laser surgery on my eyes. And while [...]

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Six Word Fortune

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When it comes to plans and goals I like to have lots of levels and layers. So for my "six words that describe my future" I'm going [...]

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I'm excitable. Super excitable. I get mesmerised by miniatures, and fall in love a million times in a week. Some days it feels like everything is so [...]

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6M Lux

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What luxury can I not live without? All six million of them. I love running water, glitter glue, chocolate, electricity, the Internet . . . We are [...]

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What Drives You

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I'm a writer - as my profession, as a necessity, and as a way to get out all the awesome (hehe :)) Professionally, I don't procrastinate. I [...]

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Enter the Sloth

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I've only seen this a few times, because it makes me cry every time. It's about three minutes in, Ellen's just joking with Kristen - but her [...]

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All I can eat

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Some people hoard photos of pets they have loved. Me, I hoard photos of wedges I have eaten. I love wedges. I can (and have) eaten them [...]

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All you can eat

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Las Vegas, Nevada is one of my favourite places in the world. I've been twice (once for two whole weeks :)), and can't wait to go again. [...]

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"Stalking is caring enough about someone to learn things about them they won't tell you themselves." There's not much about me you can't find on the internet. [...]

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If I could teleport to anywhere in the universe, it would be inside other people.  Not like Innerspace, zipping through arteries and other assorted icky what-not. More [...]

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200 words

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Are you sure you have the right name? How do you know? I've never felt like my first name is mine. As a kid I wrote stories [...]

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Why blog?

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Today's post theme is - why do I blog? I guess the short answer is; I don't. Ha. Don't get me wrong - I want to, I [...]

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